About this Site

Several years ago (I can’t seem to find any documentation on this) John and Adam mentioned that it would be good to have some sort of glossary for common No Agenda terms and phrases.

John and I emailed about this concept, and I even purchased several domain names so that I could set up the site.

Life gets busy as it does and I never had a change to actually set up a No Agenda Glossary, even though I wanted to.

(Instead, I spent time setting up No Agenda Meetups, which has been very successful.)

While there have been other sites set up to define No Agenda terms, it seems like none of these sites are currently active.

One of the key differences between No Agenda Glossary and other related sites is I think it’s important to hear from the hosts directly.

So, the highlight of this site is the references section of each definition, which includes a built in audio player. If they boys define some term or concept, or talk about the history of some No Agenda meme, this can be clipped very easily and added as a reference — all you need is a link to an MP3 file, and some time stamps (the site will create a clip for you automatically!)

Your suggestions are welcome.


In the morning!

Sir Dude Named Daniel,
Knight of the Infinite Forgotten Wisdom.